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A website dedicated to the unique customisation of football attire. Welcome to DuoKits.

Founded by an avid football fan with a passion for fan culture and jerseys from across the globe. DuoKits provides the opportunity for football fans to acquire a unique product blending together two shirts of your choice, whether club or international teams, we can do it all. The idea came together as the founder desired to combine his affiliation with two national teams and DuoKits was born. Whether you want to create a kit from your favourite club and national team, or a shirt dedicated to your idol with his club and international shirt we will work with you to achieve your goal. We love the weird and the wonderful, as well as the all-time classics.

We consider ourselves champions of all forms of culture that exists in and around the beautiful game. At DuoKits we appreciate the finer things. The communities we reflect are made up of connoisseurs – as well as the raw, creative and daring.

DuoKits will begin a blog featuring football news as well as covering creative movements who are telling the stories that underpin the greatest game on earth.

We have a focus on being sustainable, using recycled polyester for our labels, a blend of hemp and sugar cane for our stickers, recyclable mailing bags and tissue paper and we try our hardest to acquire our shirts in the most sustainable way possible.